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'I wrote the lyrics to this song about the ways keeping positive even if you feel helpless. With the right support you can over come anything.
You are only you for all the events that happened in your life. And without these events, good or bad times maybe you would be a different person at heart.
But don't take the closest people to you for granted, because at some point that person/s has made you happy along the line, without these fortresses of trust and comfort in a friendship or relationship you cant hold up and re group.
Just do your best to not let go of the people you can express yourself to, and say your mind. Without these people there to hold close and share makes life a whole lot harder to swallow. but keep you head up and when the words are said and the cards are off the table. This world is golden :)' -Angus


We've all got our stronghold
A place where we can feel safe
Those unforgettable memories

We can hold close and never forget
Let them inside; those who truly care
They'll find hope you've lost

I'll cut the cord, pave the path
So we can savour these days
That make us who we truly are
Scream it to them all;
'My world is golden'

These motives pull
me through
For reasons I'll never know
Feeling the struggle of these inflictions
They send me in wrong directions
But I'll keep on searching

We can hold close and never forget
Let them inside; those who truly care

Overcoming of myself

It seems some days are gone in a heartbeat
Others seem to just stick and stay
But I'll endure these struggles
Just to feel the sun on my face

My world is golden


from State of Mind, released November 19, 2012



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Elephantis Guildford, UK

Melodic Hardcore from Guildford, Surrey

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